Thursday, 16 February 2012

Vintage Cards - An Invitation

While out looking for a Valentines day card for my loved one the other day, I soon realised that I wasn't going to find what I had in mind in a high street card shop. I had this problem at Christmas too, all the cards in the shops are so tacky and I begrudge giving anyone a card that I don't really like myself, even if they themselves aren't into vintage style.

I think this extends to lots of areas of the vintage lifestyle; wanting to find something in the style you like, that you can give to others and hope they will appreciate too. Whether Valentines, Christmas, birthday cards or invitations, don't despair, the internet is a wonderful place! You can find anything you want, including a vast selection of beautiful vintage inspired stationery, whatever your occasion. Here are a few of my picks:

I love this simple Typography card, that can be made to your own specifications, whether an invitation or announcement. Available here 

If your getting married and want elegant and classic invitations, with vintage style floral prints, then there is a lovely collection here at Bride and Groom in the vintage section

 Pennychoo have a fab selection of 50s inspired printed cards. These jazz cats are my absolute favourite:

This beautiful blank card is printed with an image from vintage magazines. From Bex Shaw on Etsy

Or of course, you could buy Vintage. There are amazing selections of vintage cards on both ebay and etsy, and you can buy whole job lots as well as individual cards. Here are a few I found on etsy:

Happy sending!


  1. I'm so pleased you mentioned Pennychoo as soon as I started reading this I thought I'm going to have to tell her about Pennychoo!

    I do absolutely love those cocktails cards!

    Nice to see you posting more often must be something in the air, I'm posting more often this week too :o)

  2. I agree, that's why I make my own cards, I hate all the ugly tacky things around now. Very hard to buy a good card, especially if one doesn't live anywhere near decent shops. Some of the horrors in our local shop and the post office are just gross and they seemed surprised that I complained, as though it was weird to dislike them!

  3. Oh thanks for posting this! I've been having a pretty lousy time trying to find a wedding invite in the kind of style I like and this has given me some other options to check out! Cheers!

  4. These are all so nice. Thank God for the internet you can find anything you like.