Sunday, 24 November 2013

Rhythm Riot 2013!

Last weekend was the Rhythm Riot, and what a blast we had! I've been twice before, but not for a few years, and after a last minute rush we managed to sort out a chalet for 8 (which ended up as 7 due to illness), and a fun filled weekend in (sometimes) sunny Camber Sands ensued.

As usual, Hanson's pics are the best way to illustrate what we did, what we saw, and most importantly...the vintage we wore!

The gang

So here we are from left to right Bethan, me, Katie, Sadie, Fleur and Hayley, (and Hanson behind the camera). Not sure why we are looking so damn serious!

Making mischief at the back of the 1950s bus on the way to Rye

We spent way too long each evening getting ready and having fun in the chalet and ended up losing track of time and missing some really good bands!


The clothes

 I realised when I put this dress on that I've only worn it once before, and I have no idea why. Its really beautifully made, the skirt it really heavy and full, and it has pockets!


Here is a better view of the dress, and Hayley's beautiful frock and shiny, shiny hair!

 The ever stylish Miss Turnstiles and sassy red head Christie were also there, looking much more colourful than me on Sunday! I asked Hanson to cut me out of this picture because I think I ruin the balance of Christie's hair and Simone's dress and flower, but he wouldn't

 Other superbly stylish folk:

I was so delighted to see beautiful Biddy at the Riot. She is one of the most stylish gals I know, you must follow her instagram!

For some stupid reason I didn't get Hanson to take a proper pic of my amazing dress that I wore on Sunday night. It was a recent eBay acquisition and is an asian styled dress made in Honolulu! I have nicked one of Sadie's pics of me in it...its probably the only full length picture that I have...

You can see a little bit more of the detail here. It has a slit at the front and a beautiful sash. Its a real delight to wear (excuse my terrible posture in this pic, but I am perched on a child's dinosaur ride!)

To see more pictures of the wonderful weekend, please do go and visit the full album on Hanson's Facebook page here. There are lots of lovely pictures of all the vintage cars, including the pretty Plymouth we were kindly given a lift in on the car cruise, the bands and performers, and more pictures of people in all their lovely vintage.

A huge thanks to the Rhythm Riot team for organising such a fantastic event, we had a ball!


  1. I'm pretty sure I saw some photos on Daily Mail and got excited ahahhaha :) Living so far away from you all, I can only live vicariously through your images! Hopefully when I move to London I will see you all in person in these fabulous events!

    Ps. YOUR DRESS IS TO DIE FOR! I particularly like the cut around the neck :) So lovely!

  2. You girls all looked fantastic!!!! xox

  3. Such beautiful pictures, and the event looks like quite a blast! Le Sigh. :)

  4. I saw you at the Riot and thought your outfits were superb! I particularly love the grey/ white/ black dress :)

  5. It looks like you all had a wonderful weekend - and so stylish. I love the black-and-white check suit one lady is wearing, and your check dress with pockets.

  6. This looks so fun and it's like 20 minutes away from me! Dang wish I'd heard about it! You all look absolutely wonderful! xxx

  7. Oh, I miss Rhythm Riot so much... 2009 was my last time... My husband always want to go with a vintage car, not easy because Riot is always the first week-end with snow... not easy to drive more than 500km under snow with a 50's car!!!

  8. Fantastic photos! I scrolled through three times - they're just too fun and chock-a-block full of inspiring vintage fashion to merely buzz through once. So happy that you guys have a rollickingly great time!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hanson and his lovely ladies! :) Gosh, what gorgeous photos and what a fun weekend!

  10. Wow Hanson surely can take lovely photos. Riot looks like so much fun and you ladies all look so lovely!


  11. These photos are really wonderful! What a fun weekend - I wish I would have gotten to chat to you more...but there's always next time! ;)

  12. Amazing photo's! x

  13. It was my first year at the Rhythm Riot but I had a blast! I am definitely going next year!

    Think I had a stroll next to you on Saturday or Sunday...

    Hanson's photos are the best!

  14. Fabulous photos of such a fun weekend. I really do hope we can make it back over from California to another Riot in the future! ;)

  15. It looks like it was an amazing event, I would like to go next year!