Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vintage Aquascutum - A Style Legacy

I was so delighted to be sent these wonderful images from British heritage brand, Aquascutum.
 Did you know that Aquascutum translates to 'Watershield', which much explains its legacy as leader of the pack when it comes to luxury 'weatherproof' clothing.

John Emary, the chap that founded the waterproof cloth and first set up the shop on Regent Street that would become Aquascutum, proudly created the 'Trench' Coat, as part of a collaboration with the British Military during the First World War, but by WWII the Trench Coat had become a fashion staple, seen on Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Sophia Loren. In the 1950s the brand developed the 'Wyncol' fabric,that kept Edmund Hilary warm as he climbed Mount Everest. Rightly very proud of this fact, the quote 'The cloth that conquered Mount Everest' was added to the labels of clothng made using this fabric. Aquascutum have won many awards, dressed Royalty, politicians and even an Olympic team, but it wasn't until 2005 that the company launched its first catwalk collection since it's birth in 1851.

The archive of images shows how the brand has really stayed at the forefront of fashion throughout the decades when it comes to timeless elegance. Some of the pictures from the 1950s literally made me gasp out loud! They have to be the most perfect selection of coats ever...the red one is ah-maaaay-zing! As is that gorgeous big cream one with the lady in evening wear and the gent behind her. Also the 30s one with the fur! Truly stunning. You can actually get some lovely vintage Acquascutum pieces on ebay, there is a gorgeous check tweed 1960s coat on there at the moment which is a steal at £49.99, but alas, it's too large for me.

I hope you've enjoyed looking a these images as much as I have. I think its wonderful that a brand that is still around and doing well today has such an interesting and important history. I also think that it is great that the Aquascutum waterproof coats are still popular today and have become a smart and practical staple in many people's; including the Queen's, wardrobes. 

Aquascutum today - These are from the new collection AW13. 


 The Wool Twill Double Breasted Trench Coat has classic styling with a more contemporary cut

 The traditonal Club Check print has been given a bit of a makeover on the Fawcett Coat, but teamed with the traditional trench style. Really classy, but unfortunately a little out of my price range! 


  1. A good trench or classic raincoat really has to be one of the most versatile, worthwhile investment pieces one can ever pick up. I don't own any of Aquascutum's classic offerings, but I do have a beige 1950s raincoat (it's fairly trench style) and I wear it around the clock in the spring and damper parts of early fall. There's almost nothing it doesn't work with.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gorgeous images. I've found a beautiful Aquascutum blouse and skirt before, although sadly both were badly stained and moth eaten :(

    Catherine, xo