Thursday, 6 February 2014

Vintage Treasure from Style Me Betty

I dont know about you, but vintage jewellery turns me into a magpie! Pretty, sparkly, old things make me want to gather them all up and hide them my vintage nest. So imagine my delight when a pretty little package of lovely vintage jewellery from Style Me Betty arrived last week!

You may remember my amazing dress from Style Me Betty last year. This fab online vintage store based in Denmark now has a huge selection (currently 29 pages!) of vintage jewellery that is all incredibly reasonably priced. Also, if you are based in the UK and can't afford the US postage rates and inevitable custom charge then its great to find alternative shops that stock great vintage nearer to home. As an added bonus, when you order from Style Me Betty the package seems to arrive really, really fast! Tanya sent this out for me on Wednesday and I received it on Saturday...I've had things take longer to arrive from the other side of London!

So here are a few photos of me modelling my lovely new jewellery from Style me Betty

I love these tangerine dream earrings!
Dainty little 50s fans
Black and Gold 50s rope set


  1. Gorgeous vintage jewelry and photographs. The Tangerine Dream earrings look jaw-droppingly stunning partnered with your dark locks and similarly coral hued lips in that photo.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. you look stunning! the tangerine earrings are my favorite :)

  3. Nice blog! I love your yewelry!!
    I follow!!

  4. it's so sad that the shop got put down recently. i was pretty shocked, when someone told me about it ... just after i posted my new 50s fruit basket brooch i had purchased from style me betty.